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The Lost Cradle is Marco’s first book, summarizing over 15 years of research into the origins of civilization.

Combining the latest scientific evidence with the timeless wisdom of the esoteric Tradition, the book traces a radically different picture of humanity’s remote origins – A global seafaring culture of prehistoric antiquity that colonized the planet and then mysteriously vanished at the end of the last Ice Age.  


The origin of Man is unknown. Esoteric Tradition suggests that the first modern humans originated not in Africa, but on a now sunken Mid-Atlantic continent over half a million years ago. Ancient chronologies similarly speak of divine dynasties going back hundreds of thousands of years to a mythical Golden Age, when the gods walked amongst men. 


Combining the latest discoveries in the fields of archaeology, geology and genetics with the mystery teachings of antiquity, The Lost Cradle is a breathtaking enquiry into the true origins of civilization: After establishing the historical and geological reality of Atlantis, the author describes the rise and fall of Atlantean civilization, and its influence over world cultures through both prehistoric and historic times. He shows how an entire chapter of human history was erased when fragments of a giant comet impacted our planet 13,000 years ago. He then traces the journey of the survivors and their attempts to restart civilization in the aftermath of the global cataclysm.

Even though Atlantis may have vanished “in a single day and night”, its legacy lived on for thousands of years forming the base of what we call today “Western Civilization”. As the end of the present cycle approaches, the author reveals how the whole world is now called to become a New Atlantis and awaken into a new Golden Age, or else face the cyclical destruction that is the fate of every civilization.  

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I don't know of anyone else who has the scope and vision to try to reconcile, let us say, Guenon, Sitchin, and contemporary science!

Joscelyn Godwin

Author of Atlantis and the Cycles of Time

Of the many hundreds of books published about Atlantis over the last twenty-four centuries, The Lost Cradle is unique. Author Marco Vigato synthesizes the rational criteria of modern science with the legacy of Western Esoteric Tradition to offer his different perspective on a familiar subject readers will find at once engagingly credible and eerily contemporary.

Frank Joseph

Author of The Atlantis Encyclopedia and The Destruction of Atlantis

Marco Vigato’s well researched and insightful book reveals an ancient, unknown megalithic civilization, adept at constructing magnificent pyramids and highly stylized buildings in such far away places as Egypt, Mexico and Peru. These people appear to be part of a worldwide culture and possibly the fabled Atlantis, representing a missing epoch of a maritime nation in possession of a science and technology that is still beyond our perception. This is an important book that advances our understanding of the past.

Cliff Dunning

Writer, host of Earth Ancients podcast




Author, Researcher and Explorer

Marco M. Vigato is an Italian born author, researcher and explorer who has dedicated the last 15 years to uncovering the truth about the origins of civilization. Educated at Harvard and Milan’s Bocconi University, he lives in Mexico City.


He is the author of The Lost Cradle, published by Inner Traditions, and has appeared on numerous documentaries, podcasts and TV shows as an expert in ancient Mesoamerica and the worldwide megalithic phenomenon.

In 2020 he founded the ARX Project with the objective of uncovering more evidence of what he believes was once a global sea-faring culture that vanished at the end of the last Ice Age.




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